Ultimate cinema sound experience

Moving Audio That Follows You: Experience the real action as the sound of car, music and people move all around you in three-dimensional space.
Original Cinema Mix Reproduces up to 128 simultaneous audio objects in a mix for rich, realistic, and breathtaking sound.


Stunning true 4K ultra high definition

Optical-grade anamorphic lenses, powerful 3-chip projectors with high output projection lamps, and motorized projection screens, ultra-widescreen Cinemascope aspect ratios are possible. Experience epic Hollywood movies as they were meant to be seen: on a screen so big it fills your field of vision.


Experience the quality of sound

Quality acoustic treatments ensure the sound in your Home Cinema reaches you with clarity and impact. Acoustic Panels are used to eliminate sound problems and create great-looking, great-sounding Home Cinemas. The right placement of acoustic panels, baffles, diffusers and bass trappers, is essential for the perfect audio throughout the room.


Sitback, Relax and Enjoy

The comfortable recliner seating complements the pleasurable experience of watching a movie in your own private cinema. The right design and premium upholstery options relieve you of stress, after a long day at work. Every recliner is different, as per individual's lifestyle.

Recliners are a perfect blend of comfort and seating, specially designed to give you that perfect ambience you quest for while watching a movie.

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